Those intellectual guys always get me going! 
Yes, I'm busy working, but sometimes I can't resist reading a little virtual gossip! 
If you were having trouble watching my video, you can see it here. Make sure you have the sound on!  
When the weather outside is frightful, inside it's so delightful!
I got some awesome Christmas gifts from my three aunts. The gift from Aunt Michelle Lynn was a cookie jar to store my favorite treats!  I don't know how she made it look like me.  She said someone named Target helped her.  
Picturethe big, bad bear
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again, they say. But I'm hoping not for multiple times!  

My video, "French bulldog encounter with bear," is now posted AGAIN, on YouTube. 
Yes, that's the bear. He really looked more scary from a distance.  

Click on the bear to see the video. Or go to

Sorry fans, but I took the video off YouTube.  Some technical problems.  Will try again later!
I made my first music video!  So exciting. Just please don't be too harsh on your critique. I didn't have a very skilled editor.  The video is called French Bulldog and Bear Encounter.  See it on YouTube. Here's the link:
As many of you know, I lost my favorite coat last year. It was a red Martha Stewart with a fur trimmed hood and taupe velour lining.  I searched and searched for something similar, but to no avail.  The coats were sold out everything. Martha really understands what us French bulldogs like. But good news!   I found one on eBay -- just my size. And just in time for the snow!
In case I forgot to send you a Christmas card, here's one now!  I'm wearing my beautiful red Christmas dress with white flocking. I know, you can barely see it with all the bears. Those lops!